Jet Li Endorses MMO “Age of Wushu”

Posted on 11 June 2012 by mitsu

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Snail Games, one of the top 10 Chinese game companies and a leading developer of MMO and interactive online games in China, reported on June 6th that, in the first 12 hours after launch of open beta in China for Age of Wushu, the company acquired another 500,000 players and had $215,000 (USD) in item sales.

Age of Wushu is the most highly anticipated new MMO, worldwide.  The game has more than 20 million players, in China.   AoW features the martial arts style of Wuxia fiction.  Players direct their character to not only do the kicks, punches, and jumps of martial arts professionals, but also to fly across the screen doing gravity defying moves.  Characters can walk on water, run vertically along walls and between roof tops.

International action star Jet Li is the new face of Age of Wushu.  Li, multiple times a national champion in Wushu before he became first a Chinese and then Hollywood star, has signed to endorse the game, do a commercial and make appearances.
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Check out the Age of Wushu website for screenshots, trailers, wallpaper, and a fun guide to the 8 different martial art forms in the game.


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