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REVIEW – SkyDrift

Posted on 25 September 2011 by ClassicMoments

Okay, so I’ve been sitting here, trying to come up with a clever introduction for SkyDrift, a racing game that’s been taken up into the sky with various power-ups (items) to shake things up. And so far, this is what I came up with:

Various propeller airplanes, racing to the finish line.

Unless you’ve never played any kind of arcade racing game, you’d expect some features that are common to good racing games; speed, items, different game modes and multiplayer to extend the great experience.

You see, if a game I’m about to review overachieves or underachieves my expectations, the idea for the article sparks everywhere. But when my prediction is dead-on, I have nothing; nothing to complain about, nothing to be over-excited about. So, what were my expectations, you ask?

I expected a somewhat fluid, 30fps graphics with challenging levels, shifting and transforming into something different in real-time here and there. I also expected twists done by power-ups on Power Race Mode, wrist-twisting actions from Speed Race Mode and heavy tension from Survival Mode. And SkyDrift delivered. I also thought the audio was done right, but not exceeding my expectations.

Seasoned gamers with development in mind can easily detect that the graphics engine of SkyDrift is probably not optimized for local split-screen multiplayer. If you guessed that, you are correct. Dropping frame rates below 30fps is never a good idea for any gaming, and compromising visual effects might not deliver the same experience that SkyDrift offers, when played alone. It does however, support online multiplayer, and it gives a good amount of replay value.

When you play each course for the first time, you’re probably not going to find it much fun. This type of racing game usually comes down to how well the player knows the courses. And once the player gets used to certain routes or airplanes, that’s when the real fun begins. Well, if you’re a natural racer of any type of racing game, you’ll probably achieve that earlier than other gamers.

In simple word, SkyDrift is a very rich flavored vanilla. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know, every gamer has a different set of expectations for games as a form of entertainment. But in my opinion I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. Not every game is suppose to have some kind of twist or mind-blowing feature. Sometimes all you need is pure fun, flying in the sky while racing to the finish line. SkyDrift delivers that, and that’s probably why many critics and gamers are spreading the good word about it, and we’re about to do the same.


Our Score: 7.5 /10

Good amount of sky-racing fun included.


Alltop, confirmation that we kick ass

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