PAX Prime 2011 – Torchlight II hands-on

Posted on 27 August 2011 by ClassicMoments

Another game we made sure not to miss at PAX Prime is the Torchlight II.

We’ve fallen in love with the series ever since before the original Torchlight was released, and we’re glad we fell in love; it’s definitely painful to wait in anticipation for its release, but every preview and hands-on we get, we’re reminded and made assure that it’s worth the wait.

The cool thing about this series is that every time we try the latest hands-on, we can see and feel the painstaking efforts the developers have made to evolve the title into something different, rather than just patching things up from the previous one. For this year’s Torchlight II hands-on, we’re glad to inform you that such tradition still stands.

Torchlight II was more fun when being heavily medicated from the wisdom tooth extraction!

First, let’s start with the things you may already know; four-classes, colorful maps above and under the ground-level, fluent drop-in and out multiplayer modes for WAN/LAN environments, auto-adjusted difficulties, randomized-level designs and quests, release price set to $19.99, yadda yadda yadda…

In this article though, we want to talk about something even more of a breaking news – like how it felt to play as the latest newcomer to Torchlight II: Embermage!

Let’s cut to the chase by getting to the conclusion first: Embermage is definitely a fun class to play. With an adequate mix of range-attack skills and AoE attacks, you will find yourself concentrating on different combos, getting rid of multiple enemies at once. No crazy micromanaging; just pure fun using magic to kill single or multiple enemies. Ebermages definitely have a style everyone seeks in a good co-op gameplay experience.

Honestly though, it’s difficult to explain it well enough without the use of good screenshots. We couldn’t capture them, but once we get more details, we will make sure to post them! Until then, if you’re lucky enough to be participating PAX Prime 2011, make sure to check out booth 770!


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