PAX Prime 2011 – Crimson: Steam Pirates hands-on

Posted on 27 August 2011 by GillRider

PAX Prime 2011 is the place for all the latest hands-on and news announcements of big titles.

But if you’ve followed our event coverages in the past, one thing you should know by now is that we cover games that deserve your attention, but often get looked over. And Crimson: Steam Pirates fits perfectly into this category.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is a touch-screen based game for the iPad. And before you roll your eyes and jump to any mislead conclusions, let us be clear that it’s not just another typical, easy-to-play casual game; it definitely has something to offer for us mid/hardcore gamers.

Basically, the game is a turn-based strategy game. On each turn, you can map out plans and command your ships. You can simply attack enemies or repair your damaged ship, etc. Though the game mechanics have depth, the whole gameplay experience is simple and intuitive, thanks to the touch-screen control. We’re sure that most of you guys have played touch-screen games and know what we’re talking about.

So, is this game worth mentioning? The simple answer is yes. Tablet PC being one of the fastest growing market right now, we believe that Crimson: Steam Pirates is a positive showcase not only for casual gamers, but mid and hardcore gamers as well. Turn-based strategy game with simple interface and control, with interesting world concept – how often do you get to play the game which has both “steam” and “pirates” in its title?

The first chapter/act of the game will be available for free, and is scheduled for a September 1, 2011 release. We will let you know more about it as soon as we get more information. If you’re attending PAX Prime 2011 and want to play the demo, visit booth 682.


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