New Nintendo Downloads: Lostwinds and Domo-kun

Posted on 19 October 2009 by GillRider

The ever-expanding library of Nintendo’s downloadable games keeps growing as they add eight new games to their line-up.

Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias

Price: 1,000 Wii Point
Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias is the sequel to the WiiWare launch title, Lostwinds. If you are a Wii owner, you’ve probably heard, if not own this title. Using Enril the Wind Spirit’s power through your Wii Remote,  protect and guide the main character Toku as he jumps, glides and smashes his enemies. This time around, you have even more powers, such as changing the seasons themselves.

Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem
500 Wii Points
This game looks hilarious. You are basically a monkey, trying to survive in the jungle the only way you know how: by shooting things. As you progress in the game, your moneky “levels up” the evolutionary ladder, ultimately becoming a modern soldier. I don’t know about you, but I find that hilarious.


Nintendo DSiWare
The following games are all about Domo-kun. For those of you not familiar with Domo-kun, here he is:domo_kun

 Yup. That’s Domo-kun. He’s the mascot of NHK, a Japanese Television station. Pretty much everyone in Japan recognizes him, and he has gained an impressive following here in the US as well. The games listed below all feature Domo-kun as the star. There’s nothing super innovative about the gameplay, but I’ve added a little info for each.

Crash-Course Domo
200 Nintendo DSi points
Guide Domo-kun across the finish line in six increasingly difficult bicycle races.

Hard-Hat Domo
200 Nintendo DSi points
Match ladder colors to floor colors as you help Domo-kun the construction worker reach the top of the building.

Pro-Putt Domo
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi points
Domo-kun is going for the gold in the world putt-putt golf championship! On his journey to become a putt-putt champion he’ll collect coins and earn bowls of meat-and-potato stew too!

Rock-n-Roll Domo
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi points
Help Domo on his quest for fortune and fame by hitting the right notes at the right time. Rhythm Domo!

White-Water Domo
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi points
Domo on Kayak. Done.

Virtual Console

: 600 Wii Points 
Anybody remember this one? Side-scrolling fans from the late 80’s to mid 90’s have probably played this badboy. For those not familiar with this classic, you control the legendary warrior Rygar in an attempt to save the human race from the resurrected ancient Beast Lord. Armed with the Diskarmor, a shield attached to a long chain, you must fight your way to slay the Beast Lord.


These titles, along with all new downloadable games are made available at 9 am PST on Mondays. Enjoy!


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Fun Gaming Facts

Ico was originally meant to be released for the PlayStation, but the development was halted and then continued for the PlayStation 2. In the early version, Yorda had horns on her head, not Ico. You can find early concept footage of this on YouTube.