Brink Preview – E3 2009 Impression

Posted on 17 June 2009 by ClassicMoments

So, is it too late to talk about E3 2009?

We don’t think so, especially when it’s one of the much anticipated titles for 2010. When you hear big names like Splash Damage (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) or Bethesda Softworks (Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls III) behind a title, you know it’s more likely to receive a positive feedback from gamers. And last time we checked, we were pretty avid gamers as well, so you bet we were excited as we walked out of the presentation room.

But let’s talk about what happened before we walked out of the room.

As the presentation started, we were greeted by a bright futuristic design with a little bit of  grunge textures here and there. If you guessed a war theme, then you’re correct.


The story starts from a floating city called “Ark”, made by hundreds of different floating islands in the sky. With the rising ocean, the Ark became one of the few remaining hopes for humanity; yet it’s a place stricken with civil war.

After a short explanation about the world of Brink, we were introduced to the gameplay controls, which caught our attention right away; it uses a first person view, but you’re not just jumping or crouching; you can run and grab the object and pull yourself to the upper level, or you can run and crouch to slide. These character movements aren’t anything new to the FPS concept, but what’s interesting is that Brink has its own system called “S.M.A.R.T (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain)“.


Let’s say that you want your character to hang on a 7′ tall object, then pull himself up so he can stand on the object. With traditional FPS controls, you would press the jump button to hang, then jump button again to make your character pull himself up. But with the S.M.A.R.T Button system, you can just look up slightly while you run to the object, then hit the S.M.A.R.T button instead of the jump button; and your character will climb up on the object for you. So with Brink, all you need to do is to press the button once to climb up, instead of twice or more. Honestly, I’m more of a mouse-and-keyboard kind of guy when it comes to FPS, but I can see that once I get used to the controls of the S.M.A.R.T system, I might actually enjoy FPS more on a console than on a PC. Maybe.


Brink has a class system you would commonly find on other FPS games. But the implementation is a bit different; you can actually change the class on the fly, meaning while you’re playing the game, you can adjust your class, in real-time. Just because you know how to build a turret doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a pistol and a monkey wrench until the mission is over. Awesome.

The missions and objectives system runs a bit differently as well. The main objective of the mission won’t change, but you can enjoy it in many different ways by taking on different quests to proceed with the mission. For example, you can either plant a bomb, or you can fix up and control the machineries to break down the wall; it’s all up to you. The harder the quest you choose, the more experience points you get. You can use these experience points on single player, multiplayer and online/offline  co-op mode so you don’t have to play again and again just to gain experience points for a certain mode.


Overall, even though the title was in its early stages of development, the sound was in places where it should have been. And thanks to their Vitual Texturing technology, the graphics reminded me of something you’d only see on a very high-end PC with oversized graphic cards. And right after the presentation, just when the story was about to get interesting, they told us that the session was over.

They were so good at playing a game of tease that we thought they were coming on to us. Photos and/or videos were not permitted at the Brink presentation, and they didn’t gave us any extra screenshots or videos to really show their title. So in an attempt to feed your whet appetite for extra screenshots of Brink, we’ll just add more pictures of hot car-models from Korea.

But on a serious note, we really can’t wait until our next preview or hands-on of Brink. If you haven’t check them out, please do.

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