Are you an Achievements or Trophies freak? Are ya?

Posted on 25 March 2009 by ClassicMoments

Are ya? Are ya?

Are ya? Answer me.. (Park, Soo Kyung : photo by
I didn’t use to be a big fan of all these Trophies and Achievements–let’s just call them title systems from now on. I could see through it; it’s just another system that developers came up with so that they can make more game addicts, thus more money for them. I’m also an avid PC gamer (whatever the heck that means) so I didn’t even have an early chance to discover the system.

..Until the MMO that I used to play was updated with a title system. Then I was totally hooked on the title system for months. I had to physically abuse myself working at a construction site part-time to wear myself out to the point that I couldn’t even play the game. Damn it, ArenaNet.

I don’t put those title systems before having fun when playing games though. I always try to finish my games however I please first, then maybe replay the game for the titles later. But I don’t think switching that order would be a bad idea either. Sometimes you can learn more about the game when you try for the trophies or achievements, so I guess there’s no absolute right way to play it. As long as you feel accomplished.

Remember though, don’t let those title systems get to you; game-playing is for the excitement of controlling and interacting with the digital content, to have pure fun, living your fantasy world and undressing the girls in dating sims, not to be stressed out by the title systems.


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